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Meeting-in-a-Box Guide and Videos


Congratulations! You've found your way to the Meeting-in-a-Box (MiaB, for short) page! Here you'll get access to the information referenced in the instructions you were given. Your input is used to help us, the Steering Committee, and the Town move Blueprint Wendell 2030 forward! Just click on pictures next to the text, download, and start the slideshow in MS-PowerPoint.

Video 1: Welcome to Blueprint Wendell 2030 

Video 2: Meeting in a Box Instructions 

Wendell Ideas Map (or see the paper version HERE)

Video 3: Flipgrid Instructions (it's easy: your kids are probably using this for school!)

Video 4: Get Your Pictures to Us!

Complete the On-Line Wendell Survey (if you haven't done it already)

Stuck? No problem - let's call a friend!


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